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The secrets used by top professional parrot trainers involve many fields of science, including operant conditioning, classical conditioning, ethology, and biology. Each of these fields of science offer basic concepts that are usually easy for the public to learn and are highly beneficial when applied. Due to differences in terminology, definitions and dramatically different perspectives, blending the information from these different resources is an art only mastered through years of practice. As these sciences change and progress the animal trainer who relies on them must also change and progress. True mastery is only an illusion we pursue, recognizing that staying on the path of this pursuit is the best we can actually hope for.

In this blog I offer you my understanding of parrot training acquired over the past 24 years of making my living as a professional parrot trainer and showman. I will do my best to present this information so anyone can understand and benefit from it.

Some will disagree with some of what I write. This is fine. If anyone can show me the science that challenges what I believe and offer here, then I will change what I believe and offer to match the improved science. I believe in science. Which is another way of saying “I believe there is something I do not know, the knowing of which would change everything.”